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Save The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Coos Bay, Or

My husband served in Vietnam and when he returned home he was treated with such blatant disrespect I found it to be gut wrenching. His own family spit on him, friends through feces at him and why? The biggest reason is because this government didn't welcome home with honor the men they sent in to fight a war we should never have been involved in. Yet out people went to fight, to be part of the freedom process we enjoy and love. Now, here we are again, another unpopular war and our government is degrading the servicemen and women they sent there to fight this money making war which hasn't worked out so well. My husband refuses all benefits he is entitled to because of the way he was treated. He believes these benefits are the governments way of 'pay off' and wants no part of it. I can't say I blame him when I look around me and see the whole thing happening all over again.

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