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End Captive Lion Breeding

It's a shame that just like our rhinos, part of our Big Five here in South Africa, our precious lions, also part of the Big Five is also targeted. We have the Big Five for 1 reason only. As they are our heritage and must be looked after. Not to be there for the cruel humans that target them to gain money for their pocket. The worst of killing our lions, is the ending of the best lion genes in the tribe. Natural selection in nature is very important and when a male is killed, a new male also kills that males young. So if all the best genes are killed for a trophy, then that genes is lost for the next great lions to reign. And when those genes are lost, the new males are not so tough to reign as the new kings, thus the buck, etc. gets out of hand, as it's the lions work to keep the cycle of nature continuing. Please help stop this. We are already doing all to stop rhino poaching and starting to loose the battle. Help us to save our lions, as this is just like our rhinos, very precious to Africa and all the people in it.

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