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Help End The Barbaric Live Feeding Of Domestic Rabbits

This is barbaric - you don't have to feed them live poor little bunnys and let them suffer while their being eaten alive - its just not right - this is just inhumane - what is this world coming to????? They could eat animals that are found dead in the wild - or animals that are already shot and killed because their injured and can't be rehabilitated - but certainly not be fed an innocent creature that is still alive - I mean really look at the little bunnys' face -it's absolutely horrified and it's suffering. If that's what you want to do is fed them little bunnys - then please put them asleep (put them down) huminely then go ahead and let the animals eat them - but please - don't do it while their alive - that's just pure torture - I thought the United States of America was more humane than some of these barbaric countries that or instance put little monkey in cages on peoples tables and give each one a little hammer and let them beat the poor little monkeys to death where they have no way of escaping or hding - then they cut the head off and eat the fricking brains - that's so sick. How would you like to be beaten over the head with a hammer until your hopefully dead then have your skull cut off and have someone eating your brains. That's what they do in countries that have no dignity or respect for innocent animals and also have no fules or regulations - it's just sick

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