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end the discredited theory parental alienation Find the legal at


Citizens we need your help to fight the discredited parental alienation theory in the following areas see comments for all areas investigated and impacted by discredited pas theory. Do you live in area with discredited parental alienation theory being used to place children in abusers homes ? if so sign petition and protect a child thank you Find…Read More
Help us stop the crimes against children in family court Sign this petition and help us make parental alienation theory criminal to use see comment section of this link for why everyone should want the individuals using parental alienation theory criminally investigated, criminally arrested, and these children placed in known abusers homes…Read More
How many more children must suffer and be sentenced to live in the abusers homes because of Richard Gardner's discredited pro-pedophile theory parental alienation ? Will we allow them to fully legalize sex with children? In everyone of these cases that they get away with placing a child in the sex offenders home they gateway legalize it. In…Read More
AUTHOR: Albert Camus (1913–60) QUOTATION: Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured. But we can reduce the number of tortured children. And if you don’t help us, who else in the world can help us do this? --I Hereby dedicate this petition to all the victims of the…Read More
Help us protect children sign here to Bar/Ban parental alienation and cut all funding to this discredited theory , it's therapy And Criminal charge the experts who refuse to stop using the discredited theory pas theory see link for reasons why and legal
Excerpts "This case is not over, but with the media reporting nothing except the court's claims of "successful reunification," the public cannot be blamed for thinking it is. With regards to children's rights, the Tsimhoni case could serve as an important example of a national problem of using the diagnosis of Parental Alienation Syndrome to award…Read More

Tsimhoni Children Placed in Father's Custody After Controversial Court-Ordered "Therapy"

The Huffington Post
According to an article in USA Today, the Tsimhoni children who were recently incarcerated for refusing to see their father who they claim is abusive have "successfully reunited" with him. The children--ages 9, 10, and 14--chose juvenile detention over parenting time with their father and spent more than two weeks in Children's Village before…Read More
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