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I Support A Citizen Class Action Lawsuit Against The Irs

the IRS has NO business being in our personal lives , telling us what and how to live our lives, and were not created for anything like this . their boss has abused his power to set his mean pitbulls free on average everyday american citizens and take us down by all means possible . this in itself should be scary enough for all americans to wake up and see what is going on before it's too late. tell your story to help this stop NOW . it's not legal , it's not right and it's anti american . this is still a free country , don't let it change , especially for all the wrong reasons, such as disassembling our Constitution and taking rights away that our families, forefathers, friends, and unknown soldiers have shed blood , sweat tears and lives for , to to fight for and keep us a free nation . It's time to take a stand and stop the talking , and start action to keep us a free nation .

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