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Tie Company's Workers' Highest Earnings To Lowest Salaries

To all my family and friends on any side of the political spectrum. This is not a Democratic nor a Republican issue. It is a poor workers versus the rich who can afford to have a business. The Republicans like to claim that the trickle down theory works and that a rising tide will lift all boats. I can tell you that some of us are too poor to have a boat to be lifted. Contrary to what the rich like to claim, us poor folks have worked like slaves all of our lives. Some of us have worked so hard that our bodies break down long before they should have. We were barely paid enough to get by from one paycheck to the next. If Wage Ratio Legislation were passed that would mean that the profits a company made would be shared in a fairer manner with everyone who is doing the work to create those profits. It would make the trickle down theory actually work rather than be a lie told by the rich to justify their own greed. This legislation would make Capitalism fairer to everyone. Capitalism with no controls or regulations allows the rich to feed off the poor like parasites. This legislation would be good for everyone and would encourage job growth as the rich would be forced to hire more people in order to keep more profits for themselves. Small businesses would be exempt. At least I hope that is how they would write up the legislation. The only people it would hurt would be the people whose profits are so huge that it really would not create harm for them, it would just hurt their feelings because their desire to hoard profits while harming their workers, would be curbed. Please vote in your own best interest. Your own best interest is more jobs and fairer pay. Free Will and Harm Not!

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