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Stop Police Brutality & Racial Profiling. #Justice4 Mike Brown

[ ~ Criminalizing Michael Brown is a feeble-minded attempt to create an alibi to evade prosecution for the blatant murder assassination of an America citizen. These are frivolous details!!! Michael Brown is dead now; there will be no convictions in any court. The media can not hold court on a dead victim, neither can the police. Tell the city of Ferguson's police department to put the details of Michael Brown's alleged criminal activity in a closed file and open the file on Officer Darren Wilson's criminal act of assassinating an American citizen. Let us inform the Media and Police department in Ferguson; We the public, are not buying the "bad criminal alibi." Let's get back on track with the Real Issue; "The Blatant Assassination of an Unarmed Citizen by a Public Servant, Police officer. So what, Michael Brown may or "may not" have lifted a pack of cigars. Michael is Dead now and there will never be a conviction in a court, therefore, this is frivolous and a fictitious alibi for a murder assassination. Which is worst of the two evils; lifting a box of cigars or a blatant murder assassination of a citizen? Let us focus on putting this criminal; Darren Wilson, in jail charged with the murder of Michael Brown and removing all officials involved with sugar-coating the criminal activities of police officials and harboring a criminal. We also demand; the Police Chief of Ferguson be removed from office and charged with; Harboring A Criminal! ]

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