Angel Loveu

All are equal and all belief systems have equal importance to Humanity. Thus meaning that we all have an equal place on this planet. Each to travel upon different roads all leading to the same end and thus beginning. There is equal importance in all beliefs and that Our Creator is known under many names all being the same. Sex is earthly {a part of the material world given to us to use to create and heal each other}. Our Creator, not being earth bound nor in a physical body is a much higher being than us who still have the needs of the Psychical realm. Therefore sex becomes a very important part of our realm and has only a place within our creator to give to us as a physical gift to be used in a sacred manner. Neither Female nor Male is of greater importance and our creator is all. We are living within this realm to learn, learning takes growth, growth takes pain, strength comes from the endurance oaf lifes pains and gentleness comes from lifes loves. Our greatest lessons will be Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. Forgiveness will be the key to Unconditional Love. Love Is The True Healer!