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I love horse back riding collecting arrow heads antiques, spending time with family, watching my grandkids grow. Love learning about my family heritage.

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Help Save Lives Through Heart Awareness

As everyone knows I have been battling a heart condition for 1uite some time now, it's been trying sometimes but my fight still continues. God is not ready for me yet. My reason for me being here is to ask each and every one to consider becoming a donor for a precious gift of life their are donor papers that can be filled out that you can donate any organ to one specific person or just fill it out just to donate to anyone its a blessing to whoever receives the gift that they recieve. It is a gift that is a blessing from God from a person that has a lot of love and will power to allow another human being a chance hope, to have that chance to carry on and have your self live on inside of them. I in courage all to do so not just for me but maybe for the little baby's or a teenager that is in need to have a chance at life and be able to see their prom or college graduation even marriage or first child being born. This is my dream to help someone in this world my life has been well lived but the children that are in need have not been given the chance at life. My problem is getting to and from my appointments the problem is the money for gas if any one could find it in their hearts 5o help in some kind of way it would be appreciated. If my appointments are continually missed iwillbetaken off of the list.

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