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President Obama: Reject The Keystone Xl Pipeline

Keystone XL is a big threat of destroying habitat, aquiferes and neighbourhoods all along it´s course. All the pipelines around the planet have proven this - they are not 100% safe and great danger for all living beings!) and it is fed basically from the greed of companies, politicians and supported by dependant people´s fear of loosing their ´American Dream Lifestyle`! The Alberta Tar-Sand are devastation and destruction on an huge scale. Native tribes and species lose their ancestral and natural homes. This HOLOCAUST of LIFE MUST STOP NOW! Sadly this is not the only one Threat to fpresent and future LIFE, but let´s shave a start with this one. Please come and show your concern about LIFE! Before it is too late, raise your voice with the many voices of NATURE!.

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