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Stop Police Brutality & Racial Profiling. #Justice4 Mike Brown

Our family was where the loved ones of Michael Brown are 11 years ago. To this day our family in which is a very large family spanning all across the globe have yet to had received answers as to why? 2003, a relative was killed by an officer who continue to pursue him in a chase even after his higher authority re-enforced several times to call off the pursuit. The minority community for which he lived in too were fed up? 3 black men during that same month were annihilated. No jobs, no assistance, low income. This community in a section of Benton Harbor Mi. Is the leading impoverished burrow in Michigan as well in the United States. The death of our relative once made our families last name a household commercial. A riot was set off the night which lasted for days and place their city in national headlines. Terrance Shurn was killed. Just the same over 4 to 5 dozen plus residence witnessed yet nothing was done. Not for any of these gentlemen. Now after hundreds of Treyvon Martin, and Michael Brown. Believing this type of inhumane behavior is tolerable. It has to stop....

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