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Justice For Sandra Bland!

I just learned (perhaps a little too late, but my motto in life is "Better late than never") about a petition campaign to urge Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate what really happened to Sandra Bland between the day that she was arrested (never mind the illegality of that police action for the moment) and her death under illogically explained circumstances. Petitions have already been delivered to AG Lynch, but it's not too late to add our names to the call. So please, join me in signing the petition. AG Lynch will be kept abreast of additional signatures. And there's more: How can it be that Brian Encinia is not yet sitting in jail, not yet arrested, for his illegal conduct and lying? His actions dishonor the officers who wear their badges and roles with dignity and respect for citizens' dignity and lives. His illegal conduct and lying are flagrant abuses of the responsibility bestowed upon him to ensure citizens' protection and safety, protection and safety that ALL of us should be able to take as givens as we pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Though I have been aware of police brutality directed towards African-Americans since I was in high school (when my former boyfriend was shot and killed on a routine traffic violation stop), I have never felt sadder to be an American as I have this year, as I've watched story after story unfold of police irresponsibly and illegally wielding the powers with which we have entrusted them as they killed innocent Americans. Some may say of those killed that "they were not innocent!" I say to them this: innocent or guilty of non-violent crimes or misdemeanors, lethal force is ONLY to be used in the face of lethal force, not in the face of dignity, not in the face of outrage (for violation of one's dignity), not even in the face of insolence, not in the face of passive lack of cooperation, not in the face of insisting on the application of civil rights and due process, and especially not in the face of the officer's own fear or indignation. An officer's ROLE is to deescalate every situation by any means possible. What ever happened to the police officers who were our friends? Who came in to our classrooms in elementary school to deliver that message loud and clear? Who knew who we were and maintained constructive relationships in the community? If we want our democracy to work, the rule of law must be effective across the board. It applies to the police force as much if not more as to the citizenry. The law is what we count on to ensure justice. If we can not count on that (and I'm not just making this up -- this has been proven over and over again in countries all over the world) -- if we can not count on law enforcement to be just in their treatment of all citizens, we can count on nothing. And in that case, we can expect -- and we'll deserve -- mayhem. Please, for once, bring an officer to justice for his wrongful acts and deceitful lying related to the senseless killing of an innocent American. And let it not be the last. America, WE ARE BETTER than this! Please follow this link to ask District Attorney Elton Mathis to charge and arrest Officer Encinia with assault and battery and filing a fraudulent police report:

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