Rachel Saadia

41 Years old. consumer provider and social activist. And I am from Israel.


Dallas - I was a teenage when it started. It arrived to Israel on 1981. Since 1983 I saw Dallas. When Dallas was on air again i was so excited! I saw all the seasons of dallas TNT in israel, and I was very sad to here that it was canceled. The new story line is good it's good for today and it brings up many issus. So, yes, bring back dallas to…Read More
Bring back Dallas to CBC because it was the original home of the Ewings. As fans we were shocked because of the canceletion on TNT. By the way some of the actors were socked as well. There is no reasnble reason to do so. dallas for me is Home, legacy, brotherhood and long friendship among the actors and cast. And finaly - Dallas is bobby Ewing a…Read More
I am a fan, since I was a teenage I watched Dallas. So when I started to read about the new Dallas on TNT (2011), I was very happy. Later I saw Dallas TNT on my TV. Yep, it broadcasted in Israel. I was so glad to see my icons again with a new and dynamic story line. So why did you stop Dallas? Please continue! Yours, Rachel Saadia Israel
Dallas was iconic since the beginning. The cast was very good even behind the scenes. Long last friendship started there. And not just that. Dallas brought up many issues that no one wanted to talk about. Sujectes such as breast cancer in the early 80's was a taboo befor that. Dallas also tried to answer about the bond between family members.…Read More
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