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Abolish 'stand Your Ground' And 'shoot First' Laws

Under the old stand your ground law even in a obvious cut and dry case the police would seize the weapon until a preliminary investigation was conducted. I've seized weapons just because they were around a domestic altercation. As it stands now, Stand your Ground, a police officer has to go through more scrutiny than " Joe Shootyum". Now want to expand the law: If a third innocent part is injured by the stand your ground shooter, he bears no liability. Of a cop takes a shot he had better be right. He is open to departmental disciplinary action that could include termination of employment as well as leave him open to civil liability. He would be personally destroyed especially if his department found that he "used poor judgement". Joe just has to be scared by loud music. The cop does situational training at least twice a year, but Joe was just scared of loud music. The cop has to decide what/who is in front, back, sideways and contemplate a "ricochet". Now that smacks of hypocrisy, Should we stop training the cop's , paying them low wages and just let Joe dive away shooting backwards? Again , there are non-uniformed police officers; are you seeing the makings of a perilous scenario? It has already be used by gangsters harboring drugs weapons or just other wise illegal. The crook just shoots through the door. His defense . " I thought that it was someone playing cop!." He gets an attorney that you pay for. Joe drinks a milkshake and takes a nap. It seems as though they think that this is the answer to crowded jails or dancing/acting/lawmaking for the industry. The last count that I heard of SYG was a increase of 300 deaths directly related to the law that Hammurabi would not accept. Let us pull Florida out of the test tube for, not how I little I have to take before I can kill someone and and walk, to, how much do I have to take. Either that or have anyone that has a concealed carry permit go through the same "shoot ,don't shoot" training that the cops have to go least annually. The increase in gun sales and concealed weapons permits is prima-faci. at the least, that the State is saying get ready to protect yourself from everybody else. And, we, the State, collect that money on gun sales, from CCW training classes, bullet sales, more shooting houses....! I think that they have turned this thing into a State industry. Apparently it is not hurting tourism, so it is in our hands. mlwiley/miami

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