Ask MyCommunity

There are lots of reasons why people use ask my community. Maybe you’re a mum looking for a mums and tots group; maybe you’re looking to start one. Perhaps you’ve recently become a carer and are looking for help and advice from people in a similar position. You may work for a voluntary organisation and want to share your experience. Ask my community can help you find individuals or groups who share your passion or problem; or perhaps help to you find the opportunity you're looking to volunteer for, or place the classified ads or find local businesses endorsed by local people. You can create your own group to work together on an issue; or perhaps place job adverts or make savings for you or your business. Promoting yourself, your event or your business can all be done quickly and easily too. We can minimise your workload using our 'Groups' functionality, making it easy to communicate with your entire group remotely. Whoever you are we are here to help, with a special start up team on hand - all experts in their own fields.