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Children Should Recite The Pledge Of Allegiance At The Start Of Each School Day

Many other countries recite their anthem or belief and they are multi cultural like us. See, the thing is if people want to immigrate here then they had best be prepared to become American. If they do not know how to speak English then it should be mandatory that they do and given say 6 months to do so. I personally find it rude to speak in another language in public other than English...after all, in this day and age it has gotten hard to trust people of all races.They may have religious freedom as they will as long as it does not physically hurt someone. I don't care whether someone disagree's with another's religion and their sensitivities are bent out of shape...that is what freedom of religion is all about; turning the other cheek according to Christian beliefs. And when it comes to our flag and our pledge. EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN AND AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS ALIKE SHOULD PARTICIPATE AND IT SHOULD BE REINSTATED IN OUR SCHOOLS, BEFORE SCHOOL GAMES, AND ANYWHERE ELSE NECESSARY. This America after all and I think many need to be reminded of this and what an honor it is to be here.

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