Bharat Tiwari

Today, wildlife in India does not exist in isolation. Most wildlife populations live outside of protected areas, where they live alongside humans. This is not just an ecological imbalance, but also a grave threat to several wildlife species. I grew up in a family of wildlife enthusiasts. The urge to explore the wild has been my calling since my early years and the passion to venture into the unknown was something I grew up with. As a child, I remember growing up with the dream of becoming a wild life professional when my peers had ambitions like air force pilot, doctor, or engineer. Over the years, my drive has only grown stronger, and has taken me to places across the country. Today, my life derives meaning from not just wildlife but everything that it surrounds, supports, and nurtures. My initiatives towards environmental conservation speak volumes. I visit various national parks and sanctuaries, where I interact with forest staff, visitors, local villagers, and create awareness and sensitization at numerous levels. Connecting with people is one of my core strengths. I have always believed in the power of human bonds more than anything else and that’s where my exceptional PR and networking skills come from- my unwavering, unflinching self belief. I’m also an avid wildlife photographer. My photographs have been credited and widely appreciated. My bread & butter comes from online advertising- a profession that I chose 13 years ago. I’m working as a senior Interactive at a multinational organization. However, it’s my love of the wild that takes up most of my time. Weekends are spent visiting national parks and wild life sanctuaries, and spending time bonding with nature. My website is where I chronicle all my learning and experiences and is dedicated to the preservation of Indian flora and fauna. My aim is to sensitize people about the most important aspect of wildlife protection. Effective wildlife conservation means recognizing this complex human-wildlife dynamic and implementing programs to address the needs of both humans and animals. As a wildlife enthusiast, and as a responsible individual, I aim to understand nature and do my bit for its preservation.