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I was born in 1952 & at 9 days old had 5 complete blood transfusions due to being a Rhesus baby. That was the start of a lifetime of serious ill health which for many years was meant to have M.E. until it was established following total respiratory failure, that I have Mitochondrial Myopathy with Complex IV deficiency which means I could die at any time. I do look after myself so that I always look my best, especially having lost 120lbs in weight. I have been bedbound since 1996 & need care 24/7.

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Sheila Rawlings

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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

These animals are,for the most part, endangered & people are hunting them for reasons that do not comply with the way that we all believe in caring for our world. There are animals like Rhino's still being hunted for their horns, Elephants for their tusks, Tigers for their spleens, etc., etc., it is cruel & unimaginably vile as these poor creatures are not just killed humanely, they are hunted by trapping that can cause incomparable pain, or they are just having their body parts removed whilst alive & being left in unbearable agony. PLEASE sign with me & campaign to stop this. Thank you.

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Irish Woman With Down's Syndrome - Denied Right to Travel!

Please email Enda Kenny, Taoiseach at [email protected]

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