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Justice For Puppy Athena

First the love of all animals ( except cruel ,sick humans ) the 'love' of dogs and cats as having grown up with many Dauchshounds in my youth feel this is so personal and am still sick when reading anything about this ' sick piece of garbage" my heart goes out to the owner of Athena ----I CAN ONLY HOPE THAT ATHENA DIED QUICKLY ALTHOUGH SHE WAS SO SCARED , FRIGHTENED IN HER LAST MOMENTS -------------HMMMMM MIGHT BE A GOOD THING FOR THE 'PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE "TO FEEL !! I strongly hope that justice will prevail and not another ' slap on the wrist" as in a few months , probation and that is that---I would hope that the "shit" gets put in with prison population and will get what is true justice and will be treated with the same " kid gloves" he dished out to poor Athena !! GGGGRRRRRRRRR AM PISSED GIVE ME A CROWBAR !!

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