Lisa DeSherlia

I'm a Christian (meaning I have a relationship with God), a wife, a mother, an activist and I consider myself an advocate of humanity rather than of any individual or any group of people, though my special interests are disabilities, autism, psychology, missing/unidentified people, politics, and crime. Learn much more about me and my writings @

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  • farmers_market
    Jan Sam

    when someone says you didn't get an education, didn't work and someone else can do a job you're in the middle of, your resume is less impt than the survival of mosquitoe/

  • child_abuse
    Bernadette Cook
  • animal_rights
    Michael Shenton

    What 'd you like (Or -=Love) to know?? ;) ;) :) :)

  • coexist
    Tito Sapetin

    UNIVERSAL AUTHOR of "10+3 MDGC Book" with 85 volumes as LAST MILLENNIUM Reference.

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    Ryan Carson
  • cat_lover
    Nate Watkins


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    Carol Ann Rios
  • Lucas Omuko

    Born again, spirit filled, dont really have the time to chase around some demons, but those that we have crossed paths know the difference between us clearly. Pressing on to the mark of my prize

  • Civilian Guns

    Civilian Guns (Gun Alert) application was created by O'Rane Cornish Jr, for the primary purpose of reducing the threat of community gun violence globally...

  • migration_human_right
    Ngozi Godwell

    Proprietor at Toward Change. Advocate at TOWARDCHANGE ACTIVIST 4 CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.

  • child_abuse
    Crystal Tabor-Trujillo

    Child Abuse: A Generational Plague 37 children DIE everyday in the U S, from neglect & abuse.

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    Ryan Wilkie

    I'M A supporter and advocate of Many causes!