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Stop Title Ii. Tell Fcc Chairman Wheeler: #Don't Break The Net

FCC should not be allowed to control internet. The people of America can reach out and talk to each other by fb and Internet. It's a tool to find relatives and friends and communicate across America. My goal to to reach Americans to educate them on Illegal Aliens crimes and the Internet supplies me with that method. I'm a Survivor of an illegal alien assault and attempted rape and I believe he would have killed me had I not known Jujitsu taught to me by Det. Darrell Sanders, now retired Chief of Police in Ill. You can read my story on my blog...peggykandies . Putting a face on alien crime: Peggy Kandies..4 part series by Brian McElwee Of the Examiner. The Survivor...The Gazette. Channel 5 news Top Story VOIAC... REMEMBRANCE GUILT. Please share my story in your state capital. I am the Face of Illegal Alien Crime...of SC. And I speak for all victims across the nation who are afraid to speak out. Please help me spread my story so it will educate people and keep FCC out of our Internet capabilities to contact each other. Thank you Peggy Kandies Victim turned Survivor. My life was affected drastically by the assault and attempted rape. It devastated me. It affected my family and friends as well. I survived but thousands did not. I want help for victims of illegal alien crimes, because there isn't much to help us. To think that an illegal alien can walk across our borders and attack me and nearly kill me is outrageous. With your help and encouragement, I will work hard to get laws to protect the victims after an attack and protection against harassment. I have been threatened and persons to the point of cutting my tires and false arrest by local government that ended with injuries to my hands.. Frederico Reyes was arrested and charged but only served 27 months of 5 year sentence because the prosecutor marked Nonviolent on the sentencing sheet.I was devastated over that. The legal system betrayed me and lied to me. Together we can stop this illegal immigration, Amnesty, so please stand with me and share my story my story. It has caused me financial and emotional trauma. I want a law passed to help victims...The Peggy Kandies Law... And I'm writing it to submit it to SC Legislatures.

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Vietnam Veterans Day March 29th Forever For All Vietnam War And Era Veterans, Families . . . .

NY brot a good man a good maher in law, T/Sgt James T. Midyette..56 ,..was in Vietnam and as a result of the deadly Agent Orange, died on April 20,1989. Colon cancer that spread to his liver. That senseless war took many lives of Americans. They all are Heroes...and deserve the very best. I miss my brother in law very much. He didn't deserve to die, He was a good man, father and husband. He was more like a brother.

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