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  • litter
    Wesley Foust-Graham Goodwin

    More than a Conqueror IN CHRIST JESUS!!!

  • Dale T Campbell
  • Orangutan Outreach

    Orangutan Outreach’s mission is to protect orangutans in their native habitat while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans ... Read more

  • keep_calm
    Billie Goodale-Brown

    my wls journey U can walk away from a diet, but u cant walk away from WLS. 100's of 1000's of people had bariatric surgery in yrs & the # is growing every year. Media portrays this surgery as a lifesaver & an almost-magic method of losing weight 4 the millions of people who R being targeted in the so-called obesity epidemic. I am a survior. had my RNY in 2000.they didn't remove my gallbladder so, after numerous ultrasounds a fellow dr decided 2 do a HYDA-scan which revealed gall bladder quit working completely, it was removed 6mo. after surgery. the dumping syndrome, it was terrible. could hardly eat & def. notdrink milk became lactose intolerant. no refined sugars, sweets no more. Just became weaker, more tired everyday. Bruising constantly,injuries not healing. constant sinus infections, then in 2004 i becameseverely ill &went 2 my doc. she ran labs & the specialist were talking abut blood transfusions, life threateningvalues & this is where it all began. was soon sent to ahematologist, iron transfusions, vitamin infusions. after being stuckover 7 times do to the ongoing dehydration a port a catheter was placed intomy chest... by this time chronic fatigue had struck and was placed onprovigil. first started taking iron that wasn't absorbing, thenwhen my b-12 got depleted(Peripheral neuropathy)Nasocabal wasintroduced that didn't work either so am on b 12 injections once a week 4 the rest of my life. memory faded, i am a pediatric critical care nurse and i kept forgetting things like oxygen,suction machine for a vent pt . charting slowly got worse 2 where was having 2 sound out the words2pronounce them 2 talk or even write.was asking my own little kiddos how 2spell, would actually forget something someone had just told me. it soon got so severe had to quit my job 4 the safety of the patient. vision deteriorated, had 3 different glasses in the same year with each prescription being increased due2 vision problems. skin &bones, but didn't realize it. had never had cavities in my life &just had over $7,000 worth of work done to cavities, root canals.i have osteoporosis in (L) hip.& today taking drisdol weekly4 the vitamin d deficiency. unable 2 absorb vitamin c today take iv infusion 2x a week per a home infusion therapy. was on antibioticsweek after week, & nothing could kill my infections so asked my dr 2 do a immune workup& yep, autoimmune def. do arise. Have hypogammagobulinema. take gammagobulin mo. by porta catheter since 2004. Ended up having tonsils taken out, & a rooter job in nasal passages up to brain. I am a survivor.prescribed: 1 take 2 Flintstone vitamins , drink h2o, & walk.began having seizures, memory loss, balance & walking issues. Deep bone pain, tremors, peripheral neuropathy, deadly potassium levels, iron transfusions, Multiple vitamin infusions due to the malnutrition. Dehydration, vomiting & nausea continuously not counting the dumping syndrome, chronic diarrhea, hypoglycemia, migraines, stomach ulcers, arthritis symptoms, continued weakness, fatigue, fibromyalgia, atrophy of muscles, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety issues about death, and dying soon. Poor concentration, low & high blood pressures, arrthymias, palpations in the heart, increased infections & decreased healing of wounds. Insomnia was placed on Trazadone. Flatulence, bloating, swelling of hands, arms, legs &feet. Dizziness, blackouts, Acute congestive heart failure, speech problems at times. found at a few dr. visits in 2006 at 90lbs. & was told ; advised that i was dying 2 have the gastric bypass reversed or I was going 2 die.At that time I knew my health issues would continue & worsen. So,inmay 2006 i went in 4 reversalwell.i go home3days later...BOOM am in the intensive care unit w/ liver failure, on a transplant list, kidney failure, blood transfusions, TPN. Needless 2 say, went into shock 90lbs . Was semi comatose the whole time. stay tuned 4 more information. specialist range from a neurologist, hematologist, liver & gastric specialist, cardiologist, from congestive heart failure this past year. Urologist, nutritionist psychiatrist. The laboratories & hospital Rpart of my family 2. besides physical complications there is financial hardship & families who R devastated. honestly believe that the media makes gastric bypass into the “New Hype”! SAVE u'r $$ 4 WLS & HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER INSTEAD.

  • animal_rights
    Jackie Dickson
  • usa_number_1
    Terry Rodgers
  • ohio
    Ray Lautenschlager

    I am the author of the Ohio custody legislation that corrects the problem that so many have faced. www.ohiofamilyrights.info

  • Rock the Vote

    Build political power for young people one voter at at time. Rock the Vote's mission is to engage and build political power for yo... Read more

  • peace
    Carlos Avila

    The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents!

  • Patrick Moore
  • Walter Kernaich
  • Debbie Cloud
  • child_abuse
    Brittany Bell
  • Lola Gonzales
  • Jo Bayley
  • Carol Kennedy
  • keep_calm
    Debra Smith
  • ows
    Peter Kimble
  • give_blood
    Jenny Liaubon
  • Amanda Lauffer
  • go_green
    Carol Young
  • support_the_elderly
    Rebecca Winfrey
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