Salwa Kisswani

Ms.Salwa Saif , a peace actives, conflict resolution management, winner of best poem of the year title for year 2007-2008, born in 1994 in jeddah, a Palestinian citizen, grow up in many different areas of the world, did over 5000 hours of community service, spreading peace and awareness, making fundraising for charity, worked in many jobs related to the community, created many tradition savers , such as dabbka dance group - an award winning team, have over 55 awards and certificates, loves music , arts, and theater, was a sport caption in high school, student's government, attended many youth community related conferences, tries to end poverty world wide, in 2011-2012 she spoke and sang at the united nations, in season for non-violence 2012 conference, where she was also one of the task force for the conference, she meets and help special aid students at her local high school , Susan E. Wagner, Staten island, N.Y, she have done many fundraising camping's, supports many community solving groups, joined with temple of understanding, and in I.D.E.A's program, was on the Staten island advance newspaper, and NY1 news, here logo is ''create the opportunities , not wait for them'' .