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Outlaw Bear Baiting In South Carolina

i want see this banned. i think its so horrific what they have to go thru all that pain and suffering. make no sense. picture says thousand words. they have feelings, fears, they sense things. they get happy, sad, suffer, fear, just like us people. i want see people stop greed and abuse these animals its not right. god created these animals for a reason to put on earth to keep earth clean and healthy not kill them if we have no animals on earth we all are dead.... u people need think about what if u are in their shoes suffer from abuse. so sad. i feel for these animals. people are too greedy nowdays. and heartless. what matter with world . it get worse we need to do something to banned this and stop the abuse on these animals. and have respect for gods animals that he created we all should cherish these animals. not murder or abuse them.

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