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Get South Korea To Stop Eating Jindo Dogs

i want see these animals saved from the horrific death, i want see them happy and can live. they are amazing dogs. enough of killing. and i want stop this . no animals deserve that treatment like this. they not care about their well being. they sound so heartless and no soul. i want help save these dogs and stop them eating them its wrong should be banned and illegal and make animal cruelty a FELONY. thats what i want to see. cuz when someone hurt animals there is high chance that they beat their families or kids or whatever. this need be stopped and put in control . its getting out of control with these evils. so please stop this and stop the greed.they are amazing wonderful pets to have. we all should be cherish them and love them god made them amazing what he did for the earth and having animals on earth for a reason . not for killing or eat them. where is heart and love? i call them people wicked people cuz no heart no compassion no respect for god that he created beautiful animals. they have feelings like we all do. if you people learn about them learn to communicate with them and get know them they do have feelings. take a good look at them animals and think. how can they be so cruel to them . thats horrible omg. i want see these places shut down for good. we need good people to help stop this. this does break my heart to see this. thanks

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