Sean Palframan

Sean Palframan has been in recovery for several years. As an addict in recovery he has attended 8 rehabilitation centres and worked for four, after having received training locally in Johannesburg through Houghton House and from Broadway Lodge, London. Sean's counselling supervisor is Joanne Brodie, an accomplished Addictions counsellor who has recently had her non-fiction book, Woman, Trashed; published by Penquin Books. Sean uses his own experience and those gained from countless clients in Couselling others in both Substance and Process (Behavioural) Addictions. Although he is also CEO of the not for profit charity, Act of Grace 145, he heads up the Place of Grace, Addiction Recovery Centre, team. He is highly esteemed by his clients and colleagues alike, with his natural ability to lecture as well as facilitate group counselling. He is renouned for providing an exceptionally safe, empathic and compassionate space for his clients to share their unique vulnerabilities in a completely gentile and non-judgemental experience, during Family and Individual Counselling.