Ramona Kelley Bishop

I am a 56 year old Grandmother. I have bi-polar/manic depressive disorder. I have to take medication twice a day to manage my illness. I don't sleep much, I get very depressed and I can eat very little. I like to read, listen to music, surf the web and stay in touch with my online friends. I love my family. I have 4 grandchildren. Two boys for one Mom and two girls for the other. I love being with my family. My husband is also my best friend. We have been together for 27 years. Three kids among us. Two from my children from other father's. One from us. The two girls are the oldest. They are both married with 2 children each. Our son lives in Oregon State with his girlfriend for several years now. My husband is a location photographer. He takes your picture at your location. The business is all family oriented. He does pictures of family life. He does do model shooting. To build your modeling career. As long as they are kept in good taste. He also does Senior High School photo's. As well as baby picture's and bands.