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Recent years have seen a sharp rise in opioid-related overdose deaths mainly in North America, and to a certain extent, in Europe. While the challenge posed by these fatalities is complex, more evidence is emerging about the role fentanyl and its analogues play in the current crisis. Fentanyl itself is a powerful opioid analgesic, with an…Read More
There is a lot of #Fearmongering and #FakeNews articles circulating at the minute. They are taking up valuable headline space that would be best served spreading facts aimed at minimising the risks of any potential harms, that may occur should this issue escalate. Platforms that have the potential to reach so many people should stick to facts,…Read More

Are people really falling ill from contact with fentanyl?

P olice officers hospitalized after incidental exposure to fentanyl. A Florida child fatally overdosed. In communities around the country, such headlines are stoking fears that a momentary brush with a tiny amount of fentanyl powder could prove fatal. The synthetic opioid, blamed for increasing numbers of overdose deaths across the U.S., is 50…Read More
Slides from a webinar delivered by William Matthews (physician assistant) and Eliza Wheeler (Harm Reduction Coalition) charting the rise of non-pharmaceutical fentanyl's in USA/Canada. The presentation shows the prevalence of illicit fentanyls in a Number of states and offers up some useful tips to help minimise the potential harms attributed to…Read More
Release.org.uk offer advice on reducing the potential risks of harm associated with #Fentanyl....

Harm Reduction for People Who Use or May Encounter Fentanyl/Carfentanil

There have been rising number of deaths in the UK, Europe, and North America which have been linked to the use of two opioids - fentanyl and carfentanil. These drugs are reportedly being mixed with heroin, often without the knowledge of the person making the purchase. What is fentanyl/carfentanil? Fentanyl and carfentanil are highly potent,…Read More
The CHEMM (Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management) database highlights Naloxone as a key element in dealing with Fentanyl analogues. All relevant information here....

Naloxone - Medical Countermeasures Database - CHEMM

You are here: Home > Medical Countermeasures Database > Naloxone Naloxone - Medical Countermeasures Database 1. Name of Chemical Defense therapeutic agent/device Naloxone 2. Chemical Defense therapeutic area(s)     — including key possible uses Naloxone may be used as an antidote for fentanyl and fentanyl…Read More
This article gives an insight into how Fentanyl 'broke bad' charting the early stages of the illicit Fentanyl market and the main person behind it. George Marquardt, a rogue pharmacist from Wichita.

The Walter White of Wichita

By Cristina Costantini and Darren FosterAdditional reporting by Adam Weinstein A few grains, equivalent to the size of three sugar crystals. That’s the amount of pure fentanyl that is lethal. First manufactured in the 1960s as a painkiller for surgery patients, the drug is one of the most potent opiates in human history -- 100 times more…Read More
A look at the medicinal attributes of Fentanyl and the numerous medicinal uses. In all sense and purpose. Fentanyl is an extremely valuable medicinal addition to the range of medicines for pain relief when used as directed and in appropriate settings. The diversion of such medicines and the clandestine production is almost an inevitable area where…Read More

Sublimaze: From Painkiller to Plain 'Killer' (with images) · drugactivist

It's medical uses were primarily for pain relief, the injectable formula was commonly used in procedures such as Epidural, Endoscopy, Cardiac Cathetarization, Breakthrough pain in Cancer Patients. Slow release patches were usually used for longer lasting chronic pain. This form of slow release usually takes from 48 to 72 hours to absorb into the…Read More
An article dated February 2016, taken from 'News medical Life Sciences' stating that had been progress on a vaccine designed to block the effects of fentanyl's on the brain, and minimise the risks of opioid overdose, reducing the high numbers of drug related fatalities. The vaccine apparently mimics Fentanyl's core structure and produces…Read More

New vaccine strategy may curb addiction, prevent fatal overdoses

February 17, 2016 With use of synthetic opioid "designer drugs" on the rise, scientists from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have a new strategy to curb addiction and even prevent fatal overdoses. In a new study, published today in the journal Angewandte Chemie, the scientists report successful preclinical tests of a vaccine that…Read More
#FaceTheFentanyl is a support group set up for those who have experienced loss of a loved one, or have experienced the negative impact of Fentanyl in any way, shape of form. In joining together the members of this group bravely share their stories and experiences of the tragic extremes faced by those left behind as the Opioid crisis spreads at an…Read More
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