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Facebook Must Block Illicit Images And Videos Of Children

I have always been a advocate for those that cannot speak for themselves. Crimes against children cause everlasting damage and pain. The exploitation of children and the unspeakable crimes have to stop. I had no idea of the the nature of some of the pages that are doing this and I am appalled and very bothered and now question as to why Facebook would let this happen. So I am pushing that the social media industry and whomever else that need to be involved take steps to protect. I did see that Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new free internet service to a huge area outside the USA, and my opinion is that he needs to be more concerned about safety issues first off of the home country that he launched FB from and that in turn made him his billions. Although I am very happy that he is choosing to do some good with his wealth. Frankly, it is long overdue for this campaign.

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