Samantha Lee

I am a mom of 3 awesome children that I love very much. I love animals of all kinds and I will help any animal that crosses my path and will try to help any pet owner that I can. I am a former veterinarian technician and I loved my job. I got into rescue work because I became disabled with RSD in 2003 and could no longer go back to work. Candace found 4 newborn kittens and that is when it all began for my family, we found more after that. There comes a point in your life when you take in animals that you realize you cannot keep them all and that is when the rescue shelter began to take place. My family LOVED the rescue work, were so excited about getting our Fortress for Felines shelter built, so excited about being able to help families and their cats together and helping homeless cats find family's that loved them. We intend to keep trying to keep the shelter open and build Fortress for Felines, employee volunteers and get our pet shoppe up and running to be able to help even more.