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Send A Card To Survivors & Victims Of #Charleston Massacre

No one should be required to continually fear for their lives. Just when I thought this had improved, now, this. The oft-asked question, "When will this madness stop?" is certainly apropos and all too prevalent. I have searched through the recesses of my own memories and life's experience to come up with a solution to this regrettably ever-growing trend, and this is wherein we are stymied by the hard, cold reality that clearly, nothing seems to work. This is scary on many levels, as the "bad guy[s]" know this so they work their evil in such a way that no one can possibly predict nor thwart it. Paranoia can grow exponentially and cause us all moments of shear terror and fear. Life by most is viewed as a precious gift and for the most part, we DO go along harmoniously and without much drama nor incident, but then such atrocities as this, create unrest and fear. As my years go on, I have tried to be more positive and embrace life with renewed energy and awe, but this recent horror turns back my own endeavors and makes me feel the need to walk on eggshells. If I, a white, older woman feel this, I can only imagine what others of different ethnicities must feel. Life isn't meant to be such a struggle, or so it seems, but alas, it certainly is pointed in that unfortunate direction. We ARE all in THIS together and racial divide and differences MUST be put aside but NOT forgotten, more, we HAVE to come to some resolve to work as one to combat this seeming epidemic of hostility and hate. UNITED WE [should] STAND!

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