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Facebook Must Block Illicit Images And Videos Of Children

Love cures anger and hatred. We must try harmony through underdtandingm understanding is compassion. But without wisdom it is pointless. We all are bouddjasm some know some son tm this world can and must be seen from a high level pure view. There is good and bad things. Truth is love. Let s make peace wittlhin trough meditation. Then more peace in the world. Thank u for joining. On Mani peme hung for srtenghm hung mantras for syrengh and joy agst anger On Ami dewa shri for long life. Shri compassion. Amitabha pure land on Ami dewa shri here or after death above. We must all also develop human friendships. Warwth I think. Worn ate wiser men more compassionate in general. We can and must all develop our women qualities. The woman side of us for the benefit of all. On tare tut tare ture soha for instance helps. Pls see us for more. All the best my dear freinds. Blessings H H Karmapa trinley ozer dorje.

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