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    To provide safe sanctuary to captive-bred wolves and wolfdogs from across the US and educate the public on the wolf, the environment and ... Read more

  • save_the_whales
    Cowichan Tsou'halim

    I campaign for freedom, equal rights and a peaceful resolution. Exercising internal and external sovereignty under the Creator, Hy'ch'qu, Sharon

  • Native Women Campaigning for Change

    I campaign for freedom, equal rights and a peaceful resolution. Exercising internal and external sovereignty under the Creator, Hu ch qu,... Read more

  • 9/11 Day

    Our mission is to transform 9/11 from a day of tragedy into a day of doing good.

  • A Better LA - Keeping Kids Safe From Gang Violence

    Founded by Pete Carroll, A Better LA is devoted to creating a sustainable and comprehensive model for reducing violence and strengthening... Read more

  • InnVision Shelter Network

    InnVision Shelter Network (IVSN) is dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals across Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Pe... Read more

  • Shark Savers

    Shark Savers is dedicated to saving sharks and mantas through building awareness, education, and action. Founded in 2007 by divers wit... Read more

  • International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF)

    The mission of the International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF) is to bring the skills, technology and knowledge to cure and care for... Read more

  • Orangutan Outreach

    Orangutan Outreach’s mission is to protect orangutans in their native habitat while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans ... Read more

  • The Minga Foundation

    The Minga Foundation partners with individuals and community-based organizations in underserved communities to improve socioeconomic cond... Read more

  • Ecology Project International

    Education and the Environment Ecology Project International (EPI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing place-based, ec... Read more

  • Tibetan Freedom Movement

    Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) works in solidarity with the Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and independence. Students ... Read more

  • KaBOOM!

    A great place to play within walking distance of every child in America KaBOOM! is a national nonprofit organization that envisions a gr... Read more

  • Living GREEN Network™

    The Living GREEN Network™ encourages people to GIVE, LIVE, & LEARN. Living GREEN Foundation (FEIN: 26-1421917), a not-for-profit 501c3... Read more

  • The Global Orphan Project

    Transforming lives through orphan care The Global Orphan Project, Inc. (GO Project or GO) is a global orphan care ministry headquartered... Read more

  • SEVA Foundation

    Seva (Say-va) is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service. Through the support of donors like you, Seva brings sustainable health progra... Read more

  • Help Homeless Animals Nationwide with Petfinder Foundation

    The Petfinder Foundation works to ensure no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home. A nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity based in T... Read more

  • Sirenian International

    Saving manatees and dugongs around the world through research, education, and capacity building programs Sirenian International, Inc.,... Read more

  • GiveIndia

    To promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poor in India. GIVE Foundation is a philahtropic ... Read more

  • Mount Kenya Trust

    Preserve and Protect Mount Kenya's forests and wildlife A Kenyan Trust working with local authorites to conserve Mount Kenya's biodive... Read more

  • Amazon Conservation Association

    To conserve the biological diversity of the Amazon basin. The Amazon Conservation Association is a non-profit organization legally inc... Read more

  • Hope Now 4 Child Abuse & Child Trafficking Survivors!

    Ark of Hope for Children is a human rights organization that brings awareness of and provides care for surviors of all forms of child a... Read more

  • Big Cat Rescue

    Caring for cats - Ending the trade

  • Education Through Music

    Provide every child, regardless of socioeconomic standing, with a complete education, one that includes music and the arts. Education ... Read more

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