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End The Gassing Of Dogs And Cats In Ohio County Shelters.

Is Hitler still controlling peoples minds? Speak for these poor souls who did NOT ask to be here. None of us did. So, every child given up for adoption because their parents cannot properly care for them,NOT that they didn't want them but because they had no choice. Should we gas those children? Domestic(and non domestic) animals all feel pain,sorrow,happiness& most important,love. The homeless person with their dog that you see...That dog is happy because he is loved,and that person will make sure that dog eats before the person feeds himself. I know I make sure my dogs come first before me,because I took on the responsibility as a pet owner.They are my babies,till death do we part. I am disabled. So many times I wanted to give up.The pain,the poverty. My dogs give me a reason to wake up.They make me laugh EVERYDAY. They give me a reason to live. I thank them&God everyday I wake up to their beautiful faces.

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