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Demand A Senate Vote On The 20 Week Abortion Limit

This matters to me because I felt I was misguided in the baby I was carrying, they told me it was nothing more then a blob, I had had 3 children, My husband had left me for another woman, when dating a guy I got pregnant and knew I wanted no more I felt trapped this was back before abortions were understood, I felt i had no way out no help no counseling and the fear I felt , I wish I could undo what I did, ( I am weeping ) but I cannot , I know young girl out there get scared and it hard to listen to others , I feel instead of abortions we could have better programs to help assist young women and get the child to homes that want adoptions , there is no bringing back the life I took , of which telling me it was a blob and then ripping it from my body I knew it was of me and as soon as they did it I knew I had done wrong! it was a life! they lied to me! ,I killed , I considered my self low and unworthy until God forgave me. but I still weep for my unborn child I had no right to take his life, and yes I felt it was a a boy, l ask God to forgive me and I know he has , please if we can stop after 20 weeks we can save babies life. many

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