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End Illegal Ivory Sales In The Us.

I had always liked elephants but I fell in love with them while I was in Africa. Both in Kenya and Tanzania. This picture was taken from Amboseli National Park near Mt Kilimanjaro where you can watch these beautiful animals and their families! They are simply amazing, very Intelligent, family loving social animals! Nairobi I visited the Sheldrick Elephant reserve for orphaned baby elephants. The work they are doing there is miraculous to save and help these orphans! But the reality is that elephants are being killed, poached at a rate of one every 15 minutes. Sit for a minuter and take that in. 1 every 15 minutes. At this rate elephants will be extinct in the nest 10-15 years. EXTINCT. We CANNOT let that happen. The only way to prevent this slaughter is to make Ivory trade illegal in this world. We need to start with the United States! Please join me is this fight to save these incredible animals.

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