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Bio-Data of Prof. (Dr.) Rama Kumar V. Ex. Secretary, Veterinary Council of India Prof. (Dr).Rama Kumar, born on 3rd October 1941 at Trivandrum, India, graduated (BVSc degree) from Kerala University in 1963 and then obtained his MVSc (1970) and PhD (1978) degrees specializing in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology. In 1999, he did a Certificate Course in Disaster Management from Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi. After a brief service at the Municipal Corporation, Delhi as Veterinary surgeon from 1964 to 1967, he pursued academic career as Teaching Assistant, in Dept. of Surgery, Punjab Agricultural University, Hissar (1969-70), as Lecturer in Surgery (1970-74), Assistant Professor of Surgery (1974-77) College of Veterinary Science, Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar. India and Associate Professor of Radiology (1978-1985) at the Department of Surgery, Punjab Agri.univ. (PAU) Ludhiana. The most important assignment in his career was at the Veterinary Council of India (VCI); New Delhi as its first Secretary (1991 to 2001). He is remembered for his major contributions to veterinary education in India. His contributions in introducing the regulations for uniform veterinary education in India would be ever remembered in the history of veterinary science in India. He is an orator and continues to his deep commitment to the veterinary profession even after his retirement.

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