Lowell B

I am a retired Federal Firefighter, USFS & USN, community organizer as a National Rep & Legislative Analyst & have been a political activist since 1966.


I support the right to keep and bear arms. I grew up learning to shoot, hunt and fish. My Grandfather taught me to remember my place in nature. He taught me that I am no better nor less than any other creature. If I chose to hunt I had to respect the creature I shot and make use of the entire animal. This auction teaches disrespect for nature,…Read More
Addiction - Compulsively continuing to engage in an activity despite increasingly painful adverse outcomes. LB My favorite quote from Casablanca, "Gambling? Gambling in Casablanca? You must be kidding." Round up the usual suspects in laundering drug cartel money and you will find all trails lead back to the banks. Our global addiction to fossil…Read More
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