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Stop Cruel Cosmetics Tests On Animals In The U.S.

Goodevening, why it matters to me?, simple answer, animals deserve respect, deserve to be treated like living beings, not like lab experiments, I have had pets all my life, specially dogs, and you know, to take care of them it's a such great feeling, when I see someone in my hometown mistreating a pet I talk to the owner with RESPECT and ask him/her why?, and you know, most of the time there is no answer, so my point is, if you, as a business person, has products that need to be tested find out alternative ways to do so, DON'T USE ANIMALS FOR COSMETIC TEST, FOR ANY KIND OF EXPERIMENTS OR TESTS!, as you being the owner use it on yourself, I think if you are producing something, it is supposed to be safe, so I don't see the inconvinience to tested on yourself, and then tell your story, tell us how it worked or how it felt to be part of a product, or how safe it is, in this case cosmetic product test, tell us how it feels to be treated like an experiment, like a guinea pig, think about it, place yourself in the animal's site, don't be cruel, don't show much of your evil part by doing this cruel and pitiless thing, ANIMALS, ANIMAL OF ANY BREED, SPECIES, DESERVE RESPECT!.

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