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Thurston county; Olympia, WA old CPS team the state has frame us and terminated our rights to our 3 older boys, under false argument. We have 5 kids total that belong to the state. Know that we have a new crew they cannot see any thing that we our doing wrong. We our in full custody of our 2 youngest kids. Our baby lives with us as home dependency. We our working hard to get our daughter home. We need more help to get our three older boys home whom we have not seen since Feb 14, 2012. They will not even let the boys see there new baby brother. Only the oldest knows about it. They will not tell the two middle boys about there new brother. We need some help to save our boys. we need to tell the appeal supreme court to accept the Holmes-Kittleson case and return the boys back to there birth parents where the boys belong. We have proven our selves that we can be good safe parents to our kids. We have lot of help, to help us if we need help. We need help to raise money also, in case we have to take the appeal case to federal court. You can all email me @ [email protected] Thanks for listening Irene J Holmes

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