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  • we_can_do_it
    Senthil Vel

    Welcome! to my causes page, My name is Senthilvel and I have been working as a Team Leader in LG Electronics India Ltd Coimbatore Tamilnadu since 2008.

  • kick_cancer
    Peggy Sue Nairn
  • think_global
    Ray Vellest

    Viist me at

  • new_jersey
    Imran Khan
  • vote
    Bruce Aristeo

    Humanist, Civil Rights Aficionado, Devoted Male, Visionary, Artist, Entrepreneur, Psychological Daredevil, Rocket Scientist, Narcissist, ...and I’m Never Wrong.

  • keep_kids_safe
    Katia Jeanette
  • gun_control
    Mithu Hassan

    Working on Clothing Industry in the area of Marketing and Merchandising for 13+ years.

  • breast_cancer
    Jan Vajda

    Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, Europe,

  • think_global
    Marcin Żółtowski

    Freelance Translator | Open Networker | Social Media Evangelist.

  • disability_rights
    Joseph Aquilino

    I'm an internet entrepreneur and innovator... Creating is my life... I figured this out after my accident at work in 2008, which left me with RSD a chronic pain disorder, which deals with the sympathetic nerve... The full name of the disorder is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and I'm an advocate for RSD and RSD patients... That is part of my legacy... one day I hope to make RSD a household name on Staten Island, but its all about the promotions and the awareness of the disease, because it is an unknown disorder and many people do not know about it. I created an online community for RSD Patients...

  • domestic_violence
    Donna Brown