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It is now 2012 and I honestly think I want to take a bigger STEP in the Action in SAVING ALL ANIMALS who are in trouble. I don't know how yet. I am just starting to think. It's 1/10/12 now. It has gotten to the point where I cannot watch the NEWS when somebody WICKED has destroyed, killed or abused one or many animals or wildlife and I cannot stop crying! It is getting worse! Last night I had to turn the NEWS off because some guy down here was drunk on the beach and destroyed more than 15 Sea Gulls to death on the sand. I was hysterical all by myself with my cat. It has become an inner light with me now more than ever that needs to go somewhere else. I want to take this or my VOICE to P.E.T.A. or the Government about those who are getting away with this. From the fighting of pit bulls to the skinning of domestic cats-SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE AND I DON'T WANT TO SIT AND JUST SIGN ANYMORE!!!! THANK YOU, Elise

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Stop Posting Of Pets In The "Free Section" Of Craig's List

After having rescuing many many cats for the last 30 years, from people just throwing them away, on the streets before hurricane evacuations or some other reasons and now I just adopted a dog, after her first three years, on this planet were spent living with a 'devil', who abused her in Alabama.....I am constantly trying to help these innocent little 'human beings' with fur and tails, who have no voices to speak up, in any way I can! I have heard too many horror stories, about these innocent animals, either kittens, puppies or grown being GIVEN AWAY to MONSTERS on craigs list! This has to STOP! Who in the H*** knows who you are giving these beautiful creatures to? I saw two guys walking to the beach with a pillow case, with many "MEOWS" coming from it, when I lived a block from the ocean in Cape Canaveral in the 90's. I followed them, confronted them and me, who does not like to fight or yell due to a past abusive relationship.....I yelled at them! I told them I wanted that pillow case NOW! I threatened to call the Cape Canaveral Sheriff immediately! I did not want to see those kittens drown. I wanted to see those two guys in prison! When I hear of stories like this and especially evil people who do more to animals over and over, that hurts, kills, starves, and more I cannot say...I want these MONSTERS to get the electric chair!!!!!

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