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Protect The Right To Free Speech Stop Ag Gag!

These animals have no voice but ours. If you are capable of feeling the suffering of other beings, their silent suffering that is not so much as given any thought by the agriculture-food complex, then this will REALLY cause you heartache and tears, and you won't be able to rest. THEY are our fellow earthlings! We have NO RIGHT exploiting them as we do. I believe that there is a redeeming quality to humanity: that which makes us the caretakers and stewards of this beautiful earth. We must be that again. We must BE the enlightenment of our species. We must take care of all beings in a respectful and loving way. If you look into their eyes you know that there is a soul who only wants to live free of pain and suffering. Just as we do. They cry when they are in pain or can we not see that? So this Ag Gag Law is unbelievably evil. For the love of profit they want to make it a crime to show undercover footage of the atrocities that go on in factory farms. They want to keep the people blissfully unaware of the Holocaust that took place in order to put cheap meat, dairy, eggs on your table...Exploiting a fellow earthling in the most unimaginable way possible. It is too painful I realize to think about their suffering, but we must if we want to continue the movement to put an end to it.

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