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“For 66 years, the Palestinians have lived under occupation and humiliation. Millions of people have been killed and forced to live in harsh refugee camps in unwelcoming neighboring countries and those who have stayed behind have been mentally, emotionally, and physically tortured on a consistent basis. Children come home from schools that are only routinely opened to find their families and friends in pools of blood, and are told they have no future. At what point will the world say enough is enough? How is this possible in the 21st century? And when you allow that despair to persist for so long, what do you expect the people to do? Killing innocent people is never justified and as a human being I really do feel for the parents of the 3 Israeli teens who were kidnapped and killed. No innocent person should ever have to suffer for the transgressions of another. But to leave 1.8 million people in the virtual concentration camp of Gaza with the worst congestion in the world, routine bombings, open sewers, the highest unemployment rate in the world, and no room what so ever to better their situation is outrageous in the 21st century. And now what those " israeli zionists" doing has gone beyond humanity...In the name of peace they are killing innocent civilians and most of them are children and women..which is totally unacceptable. i am totally disgusted by the continued oppression towards the Palestinians. And one more thing that shocked me badly was the comment by the U.S president..that.. “We will continue to support Israel’s self defence.” -Barak Obama Totally agree Mr.President! Those Palestinian children must be wiped off this earth. How dare they cause such a threat to the peace loving Israel. Israel is a war criminal; so are its supporters! Shame. — you people are worst than animals.

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