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Help Remove This Disgusting I Hate Pitbulls Facebook Page

This is an outrage.. Ignorant backward stupid people who are clueless about animals start all this negativity... This breed are amazing dogs.. Any one who categorizes all pit bulls as bad, are really the problem.. Not the dogs.. STOP PUNISHING THIS BREED... ALL BECAUSE OF THE SINS OF BAD PEOPLE, do these dogs suffer the stigma, that misinforms people who are weak minded and believe all the nonsense... To know a PIT BULL IS TO LOVE A PIT BULL..... TO LOVE A PIT BULL MAKES YOU FIGHT FOR THEIR PLIGHT..... PLEASE JOIN ME IN THE PLIGHT TO FIGHT FOR THE LIVES OF ALL PIT BULLS..... THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS, ONLY BAD OWNERS.... SAVE A PIT BULL, SPREAD THE WORD, JOIN THE PLIGHT AND KNOW THAT YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS VERY IMPORTANT CAUSE... Remove this disgusting page of lies and stupidity, and bring light to the plight........

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