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My beloved, Britta, a pure bred German Shepherd, spayed female, super active and fit became ill. Thinking she had a cold or sometime very temporary, we took her to say our vet, who was an awesome vet gave her a physical and took some X-rays. The X-rays showed us shocking results, she was riddle with cancer from her lungs, kidneys, liver, you name it she had cancer. Her breathing was starting to labor. I called my husband, who would not believe it and told me to bring her home. He stopped by the vet and saw the X-rays and was convinced we had to do what was most kind for Britta. He came home and we cuddled with her and gave her a many slices of roast beef, she enjoyed, but the breathing became worst and we returned to the vet to let her go to the rainbow bridge. It was only two days from having what appeared to be a happy healthy puppy to losing her to CANCER. She was just turned 9 years old. We were devastated. It's been 12 years and I still cry when thinking about how I missed the cancer earlier and might have saved her.

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