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Tell Google: Don't Fund Evil!

I am starting a petition to the Government, all the bad ones, and I am stating officially that I'm tearing it all down and starting a new. Like it used to be. I'm going to take it all back. I liked it when it began. I do not represent anyone or anything but myself. I promise to do my part. Everyone will do my part. I am a witch. I cast spells. My spells are to return to the Earth to the way I used to like it. I am very, very, very old. If you sign, just do your part. Be a good person. You know what that is. You can be any religion and any color. I'm a big fan of the rainbow. Gays don't go to hell. Good people help each other out. Don't shove your religion down my throat. I don't even like telling people I'm a witch because I'm too busy doing it and I have children. I need a good planet for them to live forever on, as I have lived forever and always will. Who's with me? Who's against me? Sign if you feel like it. I promise to send it to somebody since, you know, it's a petition.

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