Mary Neil

Most of you know me somewhat....Life has been a challenge from day one....But God has shown me that I with my laptop and my education and life experiences, that I can make a difference for others....I just would like to make the world a little better before I cannot.....

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    Gail Baldwin
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    Debbie Dahmer

    *~*With my EYES, they will be SEEN... With my VOICE, they will be HEARD...With my FAITH, they will have HOPE...With my ACTIONS, they will be FREE...*~*

  • domestic_violence
    Wiyaka Davis

    Our Spiritual Name is: Two Feathers. We are, an Equal M/F in 1 Body, working in Bear and Other Animal Medicine, along with ISIS Magic.

  • wiccan
    Penny Wyatt

    I love animals, all animals and I will fight till my last breath to save and protect these angels on earth! <3 I am ANIMAL RIGHTS and I AM A PROUD SOLDIER OF THE WOLF ARMY,S OF THE WORLD!!!!!! <3