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Stop Craigslist From Advertising Animals.

I met a woman once who told us she adopted out her golden retriever to a man who swore it was for his children. "Wrong" first of all you need to meet the family and never, ever adopt to someone who comes to your door. About six months had passed when she had a problem with her car and took it to a little out of the way shop someone recommended. As she stood there she glanced toward a group of buildings with a large fence all the way around it and was stunned. As she walked toward the fence she recognized the un-kept sickly looking dog, it was her golden retriever. He whined and recognized her. She called the police and animal control and they took six dogs from that lot, that day and she claimed her dog back. He was being used as a guard dog, not well taken care of at all and definitely not with a family. Please take "Free to good home" off your site, I worked with the aspca in Montgomery County Maryland for over 20 years as a volunteer and trust me , " There is no such thing as free to a good home, or a give away pets. They always end up in a horrible situation, bait dogs, guard dogs, small ones fed to pythons, or just for someone's sadistic pleasure. PLEASE STOP THIS ADVERTISEMENT SECTION you will definitely save a life. Thank you

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