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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

I have personnal friends and family that served this great country from WW1 and possibly before that, to every fight this country has had. Many of the came home with physical or mental injuries if they were so lucky to live through the problems of the war. Two did not live through the fight and the others all had mental or phycial problems from the fighting and seeing the problems they have make me a STRONG believer that they should be paid MUCH more have better medecial care and faster, and also schooling at no cost to them, homes and discounted cost to the things they need to live and raise a family ex: food clothing and household item as part. No matter how long they served and the type of discharge, they should have as good or better care at no cost then the government people that run our country, some have broken and ran or did things not in the rules of the military as they could not take it mentally, Should thay be punished for that ? NO we all have a breakimg point and who are we to judge theirs. Thank-you all who served or tried to and May God Bless you.

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