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Medical Boards Condoning Falsifying Medical Records To Cover Up Errors Is Barbaric!

It has and IS being done to me Can you imagine through No Fault of your own to have to fight to get hep for genetically passed diseases Can you imagine fighting for this from the age of 19 to the age of. 60 Will you be an ostrich or a proponent Those who don't defend or ignore have chosen the side of the oppressors Can you imagine your health being destroyed by those who claim to be 'health providers' and then to be uncertain, all the while, that anyone asserting they are going to help you Actually killing you by collusion and neglect Labeling you as a malingerer Putting you on medications that further devastate your remaining health or worse negating real illness and telling you that you are being dramatic and if you don't stop this They will dismiss you as the hypochondriac mental patient THEY have chosen instead to label you as .... Not in your wildest dreams ? This nightmare is a fact Absolute power HAS corrupted ABSOLUTELY! This IS a medical Holocaust Hitlers atrocities pale by comparison The UNITED States of America KILLS hundreds of thousand each years IATROGENICALLY! That word means PHYSICIAN CAUSED DEATHS that were preventable! You may think it doesn't affect you You ARE mistaken!

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